Saturday, 4 April 2009

Royal Armouries

In this packed day i also took a trip to Royal Armouries.i had a look how some things were displayed

alot of the animals and people were posed like a real life sequence and were either in glass cabinets or even freestanding behind barriers in a walk way like this fight with a tiger and elephant

Henry Moore Institute and Leeds City Art Gallery

On the same day i also took a trip to go look at the new exhibition on at the henry moore institute.

this was the  Asta Gröting Sculpture: 1987-2008

i found some of it interesting like trying to figure out how certain sculptures were made and the processes using certain materials such as the space between two people having sex in rubber.i also quite liked the globular sculpts that came out from the wall.i think it was purely on the fact i wanted to touch them.i also quite liked the huge clump of earth which was suspended on the wall as if it had just been perfectly dug up and put there.

I also went next door to have a look at the 'Rank' exhibition.i did not find this interesting whatsoever so literally walked around the room and left.the only thing that interested me was that there was some little doll of the queen or something presented in a bell jar which was relevant to my project

Leeds Met exhibition

ok now this was a long time ago.just trying to catch up on my blogging whilst i temporarily have the internet today

The main piece i went to see at the met was Cornelia Parkers floating bricks as part of the ' Perhaps nothing, perhaps something' exhibition.

I really liked how it seemed to be suspending time and how the front bricks stayed stable on the ground and as you moved around the piece the suspended pieces began to sway.i had a look at Parkers other suspended work and i think they look amazing making things that seem quite heavy object weightless in time.

at this exhibition i also saw Rachel Whitereads casts of the undersides of chairs in resin.i suppose i didn't think they were that visually appealing to me but it might have been to do with the dank green and browny colours that the resin was cast.It all seems a bit too easy aswel.I'm not to sure really how i feel on them.

the rest of the work in the exhibition was pretty shocking i thought. it was one of these times when i went oh so anything can be art nowadays and also how did this kind of stuff get into a gallery space. someone must have liked it. it certainly wasn't me though.

it was quite a small space for a gallery but still reasonable sized to place work.i liked how the front of the gallery is glass so you can see inside at the work when it isn't open. also if it is open and the lights are on and its getting a bit darker then the gallery will illuminate inviting visitors