Sunday, 10 May 2009

Art ramble

Can hideous looking artwork become amazing just because you come up with some elaborate story behind it?

I'm pretty sure that if you put down a glass of water on a table and gave some elaborate meaning behind what everything represents it could be the best thing since sliced bread.

I think i just don't like minimalism thats all i want to see something that has had alot of hard work been put in to it or you can see the long thought process that brought the artist to this conclusion

Can art just be something thats aesthetically pleasing or does it always have to have a meaning?

If there is no meaning behind a piece of artwork and it is just aesthetically pleasing does it just become a skilled piece of craft?

Special effects /Prop making

This is a topic that i am especially interested in and what most of my sculpture is based around.
In previous discussions with tutors it has been noted that in my critical research that i look at alot of people in the film industry and not so much people in the art industry when it comes to this kind of work.
I would consider my sculpture art still but people have referred to some of my work being crafted.

This subject is something that is perhaps bothering me a little and it is something that i am choosing to look at for my dissertation next year.

Is prop making art/craft/design or all three?

Is the work that i do still classed under fine art? or have i become a designer if it is for a certain purpose? or do i just make crafts making something very specific and polished? is my work just a skill that someone would employ me for without having any say in how the finished outcome looked? would this still make me artistic if i was just following a sketch or a design for an idea of a sculpt?

I'm not really sure where i am anymore.


As i have been looking at the way in which museums display there work in relation to my subject for my sculptures i realised that the way in which things are displayed are similar to how a art exhibition would be.
One of the pieces in the collections section at Leeds City Museum shows in a glass cabinet a scene of what looks like somebodies has fancy wall paper and a dado also has some shelves up with books on and on the top shelf a variety of jars which have different specimens of creatures in. There is also a desk with papers left out as if somebody had been sat there recording there findings.In a small box there is also a row of pinned butterflies of different collections of species.
If i had time i would have probably of liked to have set up a space with my work in like this to display it for my exhibition.
A question i have thought about is , is a art gallery arranging the work like a museum would or is the museum arranging its work like a art gallery would or are they both just some kind of museum?