Saturday, 4 April 2009

Royal Armouries

In this packed day i also took a trip to Royal Armouries.i had a look how some things were displayed

alot of the animals and people were posed like a real life sequence and were either in glass cabinets or even freestanding behind barriers in a walk way like this fight with a tiger and elephant


  1. It would be really useful to examine these things in detail. At what height were cabinets, what materials were used to support the objects, how were fixings done? etc etc Then, how do you think the audience is led to think about these things? Is there such a thing as a 'museum gaze'? What would Foucault have to say about the Royal Armories?
    One thing you may also want to consider is the use of glass. Francis Bacon always insisted that his work be framed under glass. This means that when you look at his work you are always partly reflected in it. In this way you become part of the experience. Is this a similar issue when looking into museum cases?

  2. Today’s Guardian has several articles that might be interesting

    The new archive of proposed public art projects

    The governments possible support for artists using empty shop spaces

    Jeremy Deller’s latest work

    Stelrc’s new ear implant

    The Guardian now of course hosts ArtBabble, definitely worth a look