Sunday, 10 May 2009


As i have been looking at the way in which museums display there work in relation to my subject for my sculptures i realised that the way in which things are displayed are similar to how a art exhibition would be.
One of the pieces in the collections section at Leeds City Museum shows in a glass cabinet a scene of what looks like somebodies has fancy wall paper and a dado also has some shelves up with books on and on the top shelf a variety of jars which have different specimens of creatures in. There is also a desk with papers left out as if somebody had been sat there recording there findings.In a small box there is also a row of pinned butterflies of different collections of species.
If i had time i would have probably of liked to have set up a space with my work in like this to display it for my exhibition.
A question i have thought about is , is a art gallery arranging the work like a museum would or is the museum arranging its work like a art gallery would or are they both just some kind of museum?

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