Sunday, 10 May 2009

Special effects /Prop making

This is a topic that i am especially interested in and what most of my sculpture is based around.
In previous discussions with tutors it has been noted that in my critical research that i look at alot of people in the film industry and not so much people in the art industry when it comes to this kind of work.
I would consider my sculpture art still but people have referred to some of my work being crafted.

This subject is something that is perhaps bothering me a little and it is something that i am choosing to look at for my dissertation next year.

Is prop making art/craft/design or all three?

Is the work that i do still classed under fine art? or have i become a designer if it is for a certain purpose? or do i just make crafts making something very specific and polished? is my work just a skill that someone would employ me for without having any say in how the finished outcome looked? would this still make me artistic if i was just following a sketch or a design for an idea of a sculpt?

I'm not really sure where i am anymore.

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