Thursday, 19 February 2009

Finally some time to catch up

I've been on my 'object' elective all reading week so i havent had much time to update.This elective encourages us to use recyclable or reuseable objects and to respresent our thoughts and processes in a form of a sculptural representation.This was quite useful for me as it ties in with my main studio module 'practice and materiality'. I useually use quite exspensive materials when i am sculpting.most of the time this is due to the fact that i am wanting to try out new materials that are a bit harder to get hold of and also working to get a certain professional looking standard to the end product.this also reflects in my love of films and going off from this to use similar materials that would be used in the film industry for such things as making creatures and props.
This elective really helped to forcefully push me to use less exspensive materials and also start off by using found objects as a basis for my sculpture and texturing which i think i have forgotten about this option as i get too excited about trying the new exspensive materials and forgetting cheaper options that may even do the job better.
On tuesday night after my elective i was working at the Stass Paraskos private view at vernon street.unfortunately i had to be the bearer of bad news all night.Stass was unable to make it to the private view as he had , had a heart attack around christmas and was still not well enough to travel.we had been told that he has just started painting again so he's starting to feel a bit better.There was alot of disappointed people as i soon realised it was a bigger night that i thought.alot of people had come to see Stass and it was part of there reunion from when they attended his art school.some had travelled from London especially and some had brought one of his paintings to sign.
I had many people asking me if i new turned out to sound like it was some sort of memorial service the way he was talked about.i managed to talk to his son Michael for a bit who ended up giving a guided tour around all the work whilst chatting to some students.He also said that he would love to come back to the college and do a talk if my tutor would let him.
I also managed to talk more to Terry Jones about what exactly he does and what he has done in the past.I was amazed to know that he wasnt just the person that put up work in the college.He told me how he started off as a student at Harrogate Art College and then got a job at Leeds City art gallery i think it was and then a art gallery in York as a gallery technician.Part of his work left him being a courier around the world.he would often have to go pick up some work in say Vienna and travel with it to Ottawa staying in 5 star hotels in each place.They paid for him to travel to some of the most amazing places in the world all over europe.places such as singapore.
I also spoke to Terry reagarding hanging work in gallery spaces.he told me how that spaces that are in the college at the moment are a bit cramped and not ideal to hang work and that he would ideally like the college to build a specific room for a gallery space which he could lock up and also place installations in as most the work that is displayed usually is in frames.There was also apparently talk of college having a gallery space outside of the college and that it would be nice as the public could enter and not feel put off by having to walk through a college.they could also then have a gallery space with visiting artists and students work in whilst also having promotional material and possibley a cafe which would earn a bit profit.I told him about how fine art are going to be putting on a exhibition and a few of us were wanting to find our own 3rd option but were unsure where to start.i sugessted one of the empty spaces across from blenheim walk near the cash machines that usually is empty most the year apart from freshers week when it has a poster sale.Terry also suggested that a few years ago there was a big space above the club 'wardrobe' to have a look at.i also said that if we could find a place then maybe a small group of us could exhibit there on a more regular basis.Terry told me that as college is thinking about having a external space that if i had a look around at places and found details and pricing and forwarded it on to him that he would then put this across to Edmund to see if it was a possibility for the college to fund it.My next step is to therefore start searching places

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