Thursday, 12 February 2009

First week after the briefing

Today Ive been thinking more about what i would like to look at regarding audiences.i have decided that in alot of cases galleries tend to be wide open often big white spaces that seem very clinical to me.i specialise in sculpture and rather than having my work on display like its part of a shop window on a pedastal or you are firghtened of walking around it incase it gets damaged i want my audience to be encouraged to go up to it and look closer.For example as i am making creatures at the moment in my project i would like to encorporate the way i do my showing up in a way that brings an environment in or something that could be what the creature would inhabit. So for a rough example if i made a sculpture of a pig then i would put it probably on a plinth covered in mud or i would buils out a corner patched in materials that relate to my sculpture.i just want my work to still be visually interesting rather than something that should be perfect in a glass cabinet.

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  1. You might be interested in McCarthy's work, such as his installation Caribbean Pirates. He gets visceral with his audiences. The Pirates show was in a warehouse in London and you had to discover the work as you walked round. Some of it was huge, boat size, i.e. real boats, but one piece in the Whitechapel Gallery itself was of an animated pig. Perhaps if you refine the casting process so that you are more factory like in production methods, you could generate enough pig parts to enable you to feel less precious. Are there any existing sites that you would like to test out for your ideas? Could you collage up some mockups of what these would be like with work in them?