Thursday, 26 February 2009

Paul McCarthy's Pirate Project

From a recommendation from Garry i decided to look at the pirate work by artist Paul Mc Carthy. i like the scale of this sculptural/installation piece and scaling up my work is one of my ambitions which i will not be able to complete at this point in time due to money.i really like how the piece is situated in the middle of some woods.although it is displayed it does not have that clinical precious feeling to no longer feels like an object but a piece to relate to and interact with.i don't think people would feel like they couldnt go right up to it and also the feeling we all get in a big white cube gallery which is the same as a church or library wispering to each other as we think the normal level of our voice is innapropriate.
For my work i have considered as i am making creatures that i should try have them in the habitat they belong in.There was the thought of possibley placing them in hyde park in around some bushes or in trees as a form of displaying.Maybe if i asked nicely at a zoo,tropical world or farm etc they mite have some spare pens or cages that i could place my creatures in for a small amount of time to also display like real creatures signed among the actual animals at the place

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  1. I like the idea of taking your creatures out and about. The resulting images would make an interesting addition to your blog. I wonder also if you could use photoshop to create the illusion of scale. The act of superimposing one image on another might make a surprising collage, a new work in itself.