Friday, 27 February 2009

Jibber Jabber

Last night i attended Bridget March's Jibber Jabber which invites guest speakers to do timed presentations on how to make the perfect portfolio.although some of the lecture was helpful in some way pointing out the basics and obvious aspects like putting in relevant work and make sure you find out exactly who it is you are showing your portfolio to etc , i was left disappointed as sitting in the lecture theatre and reading the list on the first slide of all the speakers.They were all designers and photographers from companies etc.Bridget had promised to get some artists in to speak.When questioned about this she told me that they had cancelled at last minute and she had learnt that artists were unreliable.i was a bit offended by this remark.i did not get fully out of the lecture as intended as i think that artists have a very different mindset to designers and therefore have a different way in presenting themselves.this would have been helpful to get some inside into someone working as an artist more for themselves like freelancers rather than a representative of a large company.

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