Friday, 27 February 2009

Goals for the weekend

on saturday i plan to carry on with my work and casts in college before going along to Project Space Leeds.

I will be attending the closing of a collaborative project called '195 Miles' which has also just been renamed 'we all have our limits'.I will be supporting Rory Macbeth who worked with us towards the end of my first year when we were doing our site specific work at Armley Mills.

"The unpredictable results that end up being Rory Macbeth’s work are unified by a re-framing of the absurdity and stupidity (both the world’s and his own) that he finds around him."

I also intend to visit Henry Moore Institute to view the new exhibition ' Asta Groting Sculpture 1987 - 2008.

I will also try and get to Leeds City Art gallery to see the new exhibition ' Rank: Picturing The Social Order 1615-2009'.i am always reluctant to going around Leeds City Art Gallery as i always seem disappointed.i just don't think they show the type of things that really get me going.

It probably will not be this weekend as i seem busy enough as it is but i will make sure that i take a trip to Leeds City Museum as ive been meaning to go ever since it has opened but i think i tried going on a monday when its closed and have forgotten about its existance ever since.

I also want to take a trip for research as alternative spaces i suppose to display my work and also research at some farms and zoos etc.possible places include Temple Newsam which is in Leeds and also Tropical World.This may have to wait until next weekend though

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  1. Yep, it was a real shame that there were no perspectives from so-called "artists". The advice was useful, if obvious. I agree that it would have been much appreciated to have seen what a Fine Art Portfolio looks like.
    However, i was much obliged to scoff the cake, so i can really complain.