Sunday, 1 March 2009

Trip to PSL

On Saturday i attended the closing party at Project Space Leeds to view the end of the exhibition that got renamed ' We all have our limits'.

I first have to say that i loved that was a good size with a glass front.the floors were left very rough as well as the ceilings with all the pipes and dangling lights.this made me feel more comfortable being in this was good as well that i did not feel like i had to be quiet as if i was in a library or something.To the right are photographs i tried taking of the space and views.

The spaces seemed huge.This piece was by the collaborative group Matt&Ross and Dave Ronalds called 'Provisional Mechanism ('The way things blow').It was a piece made up of a fax machine mounted from the rafters among lights.there was also a smoke machine and fans.every now and again a fax would come through with nonsense written on it floating down to the down to the ground among people walking around and viewing the piece.The smoke from the smoke machine filled the whole of the gallery space and added to the slightly warehousey feeling to the whole place which i really like.I did not feel like i needed to be so precious.This space for one piece of work is really nice and allowed quite alot of people to walk around at one time without it getting too cluttered.

This space was for the collaborative group of Amy Stephens and Rory Macbeth.there was relatively quite a lot of space yet still quite a few pieces of work.i think that the addition to another board building the walls giving that extra height helped to make it feel like a divide rather than knowing you could easily reach over like the heights of the boards in our studio.

This is another view point of this space.i wanted to show exactly how much space you could get.instead of having to downscale your work so everyone can fit in a small space and be cluttered you can spread out and have space around your work so it can be appreciated more.

Here again i was trying to show views within the gallery space of viewpoints as if you were standing the left as you went in you have a small cafe so you can cater for your guests as wel as possibly a chance of profit if they were to buy the refreshments whilst visiting PSL.There is a small walkway along the side of the cafe around to a large piece of work.this gives the illusion of work being separated into other rooms whilst still being one place.You then have a sculpture leading into the middle part which also leads around to the smoke and fax machine piece and back in a circle.

This was a space that was right next to the toilets but the toilets were hidden so they did not disrupt the work.There was a horse in this space for a while.the work then became a documentation of all of this.

The front of PSL was all glass.This was great as you could see the whole of Leeds outside.also people could see in passing on the riverbanks,possibly the train,the carpark and jsut generally walking past.also as it got darker with there being lights on in PSL it would glow and be a giant beacon.People may see this glow from a distance, wonder what it is and then go find out.

I wanted to show a photograph of these amazing ceilings.i loved the fact that the floors and ceilings were all rough and scratched up with light fittings just dangling.This helped me feel more at ease in the place as it wasn't the usual pristine white cube.

These last few images was for the mass amounts of space at the end piece for the collaborative piece between Rory Macbeth and Amy Stephens.The cafe edged around this area which i think helped with letting people know there was work around the corner.There was a huge amount of space left to say that the piece was mostly the table with many radios playing at each other.

'Suicide Friend' by Rory Macbeth and Amy Stephens, Antler, Found object.This wasn't really my thing i suppose as it seemed to simplified for me and also bunging together found objects.i do however like the shadows that are cast from the assembly of objects.

This was also an assembley of objects perfectly balanced

This piece was also by Rory Macbeth and Amy Stephens.there was part of a bannister attatched to the top of the wall and this frame hanging off it a bit like a door casting several shadows.

This was at the end opposite the radios.i took the photograph to show the scale of the work you could possibley display in this place whilst still letting other people have plenty of space

This piece had radio Leeds and radio London playing at each other.i like that this connects the collaboration as in each pairing of the collaborations there was one person from Leeds and one person from London

this was the board that you saw as soon as you came in the door which is supposed to say which artists are exhibitioning and more information.They had a play around with the letters and jumbled them up to make new random do not notice this at first as it is the same layout as the real information on the leaflet.i also like how they have left the measurements of the boards on that makes up the wall.I like how this adds to the warehouse feeling and also the overall playful and mischievousness of the show.

There were cakes on plinths that you could take as a projection of cakes were shown on the wall

Inside this haybale wall showed a video piece by the same people that had the horse.I like how you have the space to build a wall out of haybales.It is just a good different feeling to the usual white plain also ties in with the work

I actually almost knocked over this sculpture but i caught it last minute.It was very light and not very well secured.I must have felt so relaxed that i was able to get that close to almost knock it over.Its not personally my choice in work so i didn't fins it that was not sabbotage though i promise!

This piece was a piece of paper nailed to the wall which looks like a nail gun has been fired at it.
Another piece that Rory Macbeth did was attatching a microphone to the waste pipe from the toilets above PSL.It was linked up to a amplifier so you could hear a 'corporate shit'.
I spoke to Rory for a while and he said how the reason they changed the name of the show in the end is as the collaborations did not really work.As there was so much distance between people it was difficult to get in contact and only saw each other about four times the whole exhibition was on and they just really used each other as a place to sleep.Everytime they did meet in these four days they came down to the gallery and completely changed what was in there space.I think it is good that there is some rotation in the work and that the artists still have some engagement in the work thats in the gallery whilst the whole exhibition is on.Overall it was a good day

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  1. Some interesting comments on PSL. Could you have the same dialogue with a non art space?