Saturday, 14 March 2009

Busy Busy and productive day today

So i decided that i would go visit a load of the places that i kept saying i needed to go to in one day today.I went to the exhibition at Leeds Met gallery then went down to look around in Leeds City Museum, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds City Art Gallery and finally all the way to The Royal Armouries.I will post more detailed bits for each place i went to today over the next few days as i have alot to get down in so little time.

If i get time tomorrow i plan to go down the the carriageworks for the 'Culture Bazaar 2009' which is 'a free event for all the family top discover the magic of South Asian arts and cultures'
There are alot of performance pieces and demonstrations of traditional dances to join in with aswel as singing.i probably wont join in with these though.I am planning to go to have a look in the Rehearsal Room 4 for 'Indian arts and crafts,rangoli,henna and much,much more' also in Rehearsal Room 5 'Henna for everyone'

i may also have a little look in leeds City museum where the spoken word demo and interactive workshop is taking place.

i do not look out specifically to go to things like this regarding the asian culture.i just thought its a sunday and its local and free and there are craft workshops i can do which may be fun to play around in for a few hours.also have a go with henna again as i remember i used to do when i was at school around 13years old so thats errm 9 years I'm getting old when your trying to remember things that happened almost a decade ago


  1. Time to reflect on what your work is about and how this may impact on how you are thinking about audience issues. Remember to come in on Thursday PM. We will be having a series of seminars. See times posted on the wall.

  2. I think my first ever visit to Leeds was when I was in high school and we went to The Royal Armouries.
    I've mentioned some stuff to do with museum work and one of your pieces on my blog. I thought you might be able to comment on that and get a bit of discussion going : )
    J x