Thursday, 5 March 2009

Exchange By Pippa Hale at PSL

There was a piece called 'Exchange' at PSL which was like a table with literally exchange items. Quite a few of us did it rummaging through our pockets for any random crap to put in.I even considered selling my soul for a tshirt at one point.Eventually i put in one of my homemade chocolate chip brownies and in exchange got a Moby Dick netsuke which was handcrafted as part of a limited edition of 50 by and artist.You then logged in a book what you put in and what you took.I think this is a really great idea as you can if you want pass on some personal or thoughtful gifts or even a part of your personality represented in how great or crap your gift was.I would have liked to have stayed just to see if anyone picked up the thing i left in the exchange

Did anyone else do the exchange? what did you give ? What did you recieve in return?

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