Thursday, 12 March 2009

Waste not ,want not

Relating to the creatures i have been creating it has been brought up the subject of taxidermy which i find quite interesting.There has also been talk of me trying to go to a taxidermist that is local so i can see how it is done.Even if i don't get to have a go it would be good to see how to pose them and in general the process.I have thought only today that maybe i could introduce the actual animals skins into my sculptures for example the fur from a rabbit if i could preserve them ok.
I have found a taxidermy artist who's work is below.i have only put in images of her work and not a link to it as i want to keep it as my own private source.She makes pretty much exactly what i aim to do in my project.Getting parts of animals and piecing them together to make new ones.I also like how i am able to buy such things as squirrel heads furred and skinned and also other skulls etc.i can also get such things especially made but they are pricey and also take around 4 months minimum and some 12months.

I like the Frankenstein type of joining the animals which will probably be what stage i get to with rough joining.

I chose this image especially as i may only get chance to make bits rather than a full animal.i really like the old fashioned style of displaying them like in a bell jar.i have been collecting varying sized jars and bottles to perhaps put parts in as specimens.also in jars like pickled parts.i may have a go at making my own bell jars in clay and plaster.

Another example of a place i could look at displaying my work is in a museum as they have stuffed animals.This could be good for like specimens or remains of an animal in a mythological terms rather than a living creature which may not be possible due to timing.
I will make sure that i push myself to finally go down to Leeds City Museum as i still havent made it down like i said i was going to

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