Monday, 9 March 2009

Thoughts over the past few days

Just letting myself babble a bit to get down in writing some of the things i have been thinking about and seen from Friday and over the weekend.
First off on Friday i had a little wander into town and had a quick look in Muji.I was looking at all the fancy acrylic things like for storing CDs etc and thought how much does this look like some sort of casing to go on top of a plinth?

There is a whole range of them that could just be display pieces.Then again I'm not too sure if i want my work in glass casings again.Theres this feeling that i want it out in the open so that people can feel free to go near it and engage with it but then with this there is always the risk of the piece getting damaged.There is then the feeling of needing to protect it in someway.Is this a thing i need to over come and be less precious with things and accept that it may be handled and possibly damaged? Will it become part of the piece when it gets damaged a bit like the soap wall that i had displayed in college? Or will it simply be the case that i need to be willing to go keep repairing it once damaged?

Another thought was that i have been eying up these spaces as some sort of studio or gallery space for years it seems.they are these what seem like little basement spaces under some buildings just opposite and around the college opposite the Parkinson steps almost going towards the cash machines.They finally put up contact details with along with a To Let sign.I thought that it can't be too bad as every freshers week there is always some guys there doing poster is also in a prime location with many people passing at all times of the day.The unfortunate thing is though that i wrote the number to contact them down somewhere when i was walking home at something like 3am Saturday morning a little drunk so I'm not too sure where that number has gone lol.It is close enough so il just pop over again soon and also take a photograph.

Another space i keep walking past and never have my camera with me is the newly built bit glass cube that is available for retail rent that is jsut next to morrisons and on the corner of the merrion is a large space and again in a prime location with alot of people walking past every day and also has the charm that as it is completely transparent that i can display my work and possibley an environment a bit like a shop window display similar to the harvey nichols ones dipicting a scene.The viewer then does not even have to go into the display just simply stop as they pass by.i will also get an image of this space and find out more details of having it.


  1. The boxes from muji are a great source of display. You could think about enquiring in metalwork or 3-D as they have varying amounts and thicknesses. The resources as uni may be more customisable, allowing for you to make interactive diplays. You may want to consider whether or not you allow the audience to interact with your more delicate pieces!!

  2. even though i saw these handy boxes as like display pieces i do not think i will end up using them.I'm not too sure about having my work under boxes.i may just bolt them down to the plinth if needs be