Thursday, 12 March 2009

Just putting my thoughts down

As time is slipping away i realise that my goal to make a finished beast/creature may not be possible up to a standard that i am happy with.i may have to go with the idea of bits or perhaps bits of a animal that shows varying bits mixed.i could display these similar to in a museum of natural history.I would like them if i did to be old fashioned so they have some character and a bit of a steam punk element to them.Bell jars, jars with cork tops, glass jars with flip down lids, bottles.

I put this last image of work inside a bell jar as i found it really interesting.although it may not be something that i would create to put in i like how the shape of the bell jar holds the piece in.i think the bell jar gives a certain touch to the piece

I was always planning to have a bit of text next to the creature to explain the history behind the mythical beast.What i may have to do in a similar way to a museum is to display one of the pieces of the creature like a found sample and then have a illustration or painting by the side of it as a 'artists representation' of what the creature would look like if it was alive today.similar to what they would do with a dinosaur.

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  1. Look at Charles Waterton's made up creatures in Wakefield museum. There is a long mythical history of 'combination creatures' such as the chimera a lion's head and a goat's body and a serpent's tail. You could seek to put your work in museums by talking to the curators in charge.